Planning Compliance Assessments



Specialising in residential construction, our professional team are ready to assist you with your town planning enquiries and assessments. Our full list of services is available for you to peruse below.


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Design Development Approvals:

After having established large working network with some of Perth’s largest builders, developers and local governments, our planning officers have gained deep understanding of the legislation, local and state planning policies involved with future residential development.

Whether it your proposal is still in sketch or construction documentation phase, our office can provide an extensive report, outlining all relevant legalisation, distinguishing areas of non-compliance and liaising with the involving developers or local governments to resolve them.

Our assessments will take into consideration the proposed drawings’ application to:

  • Design Guidelines
  • Local Planning Policies
  • R-Codes
  • Local Development Plans (LDP)
  • Bushfire, Flood and Noise Assessment


Comprehensive Planning Assessments:

Our Comprehensive Planning Assessments (CPA) offer assessment of contract drawings preparing for planning approval lodgement.

The CPA touches on the state and local planning policies in far more detail and has the purpose of preparing a complete document to gain development approval from the corresponding Local Government. This assessment type also elaborates on grouped dwelling assessments and the state policies surrounding their requirements. In addition to all scope of works detailed in the sketch, our CPA’s will consider:

  • Local Structure Plans
  • Town Planning Schemes
  • Additional Site policies (e.g. Noise polices and Affordable Housing Policies)


Following the compliance assessment, we streamline required works and documentation required that will be imperative for a successful application. Where applicable we will provide you with:

  • Justification Letters: We refer to incompliances with State and Local Planning policies from our reports and from there use of expertise distinguish aspects that can vary and with the R-Codes calls for variation letters
  • Local Government Summary: We liaise directly with representatives at the local government and provide succinct summary upon submitting for approval, this well flesh out the major documents required and other policies that might be predicated by the location of the site such as Noise, BAL, and Special Requirement areas.



Call 6186 4443 or or email today for a responsive, obligation-free quotation.